Matt's carving of a Red-breasted Nuthatch

Anyone who knows the Bluebird can't help loving it.  Not only is the male stunning, he has a beautiful gentle song that brightens the days of early spring and even sings in the winter. Depending upon how much it is fluffed out, the Bluebird can appear quite pudgy or quite streamlined.

You can decide what you want.  The female (not shown here) is generally paler overall.

Bluebirds often perch on fence posts, which is how Matt likes to display them.  The ones shown here have the wing and back feathers carved in relief.  A carving like these is $300.


When looking for a good carving of a bird, especially a small songbird, pay close attention to the bill.  It's the bill that gives the correct "look" of a given species.  Most bills are carved so that they're too heavy, making a fine-billed bird like a bluebird or warbler look like a thick-billed finch.  Matt spends a lot of time and effort to make sure the bills of the birds he carves are correct.

The Chickadee is among the most adorable of birds.  The attitude that makes it so special is difficult to capture.  Many carvings being sold have too much of a neck, others have too much head and others bills that are too massive.  Before Matt ships a carving out it has to be right. A chickadee sells for $300.


Another small bird, common around many homes, is the House Wren.  This is just one of many species of wrens found in North America.  Matt will carve your favorite wren for $300.

The Red-Breasted Nuthatch, below, though not uncommon, is not as familiar to most people as most of the other bids on this page are.  Although this is Matt's first attempt at a nuthatch, it is an especially fine carving; it had to be in order to capture the delicacy of this species.  The three views of this carving show the exquisite details.  For one of this quality expect to spend $350.

"My husband wonders if he will get another carving for his birthday - possibly a chickadee?
  I guess that shows you how much he appreciates and is enjoying the nuthatch."

Another species of nuthatch, somewhat larger, is the
White-breasted Nuthatch (above).  One of the quality above is $350

The Cardinal (or Redbird) is a 
common nester around homes.  All three of the carvings shown capture the alert posture of this stunning finch with the huge bill.  Matt will carve a life-size cardinal for $275. 


This female Cardinal in flight (above), unlike the male to the left, is done in a somewhat abstract style as requested by the client.  The Legs and wooden base are replaced by a metal rod in a heavy metal base.   Although it is less realistic,
it  has spread wings, so takes about the same amount of time as the more realistic carvings. $275
Below are shown two indoor photos, sent by the new owner, of the abstract style cardinal above. They show the color of the bird's underside very well.

The carving below is a male cardinal done in a similar style to those above.  This style seems to be a popular request.

Here's a pair that a client had ordered for
his wife whose two favorite birds are the Bluebird and the Cardinal.  He wanted to
show communication between the two birds, 
so Matt made the bluebird's mouth open, as if talking to the cardinal and the cardinal listening. 

This photo was taken near sunset, hence the reddish hue.

A pair of most of the smaller songbirds  "communicating" can be done for $550. 


More striking than the Cardinal is the Scarlet Tanager, which is actually vermilion. 
This species is almost always seen 
against a background of green leaves, 
as shown in the photo (in this case an apple tree in fruit).  Matt mounted this carving on a twig attached to a length 
of fine fishing line, so that it could be suspended from the ceiling before a
real or artificial tree or large plant Matt can do a similar carving for you for $300 (mounted as described). 


The Blue jays shown below are done in an abstract style, special orders for clients who were willing to sacrifice realism in order to capture the unique personality of this species. You can distinguish each by various subtleties of color, pattern, position and length and curve of the neck.

You may choose any of the subtleties that please you, and Matt will do one for you just as you would like it. The price is $275, very reasonable for such original art .

"LOVE THE BIRD!!!  I am in awe of your ability to create such beauty"

The following portrayal of  this House
Sparrow and the haiku to the right 
might not be appreciated by everyone!
Can you guess what the sparrow 
is contemplating?  (Hint: it's real!- and
there's lots of it on Matt's farm). 

        Redolent, steaming.
        Treasure hidden within.
        Sate my humble need.

This realistic carving was created at the request of a former New Yorker, now residing in California, who recalled  the bird from his boyhood.

One of this quality can be done for $300.

The Hermit Thrush is related to
the Robin and Bluebirds, all thrushes.  Thrushes are found on all continents.  The musically gifted Nightingale
is a thrush, and many other thrushes (including this one) are quite musical 
also.  The carving shown to the 
right is $300. 

 The CORMONS signature on each carving or sculpture

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