Pelicans, Cormorants,
Gulls, Terns and Skimmers
Brown Pelican in breeding plumage

Pelicans and Cormorants

Pelicans are huge birds.  These "small" carvings (above and below) of the Brown Pelican
are about 14 and 16 inches from tail to breast.  Each  carving has a lot of detailing on the back
to capture the unique feathering, an important characteristic of this species.  It is doubtful that you will find anyone putting the amount of detail and subtle painting into the head as Matt has done here (not without charging a lot more than Matt's $650 price).  Also notice that each one is different; Matt does not use patterns and does each one individually.

   "The pelican is spectacular ... we are very pleased with it."

A client sent the above photo of one of Matt's pelican's in it's new home in Switzerland.

The Double Crested Cormorant shown to the left is just one of many cormorant species.  This carving is a miniature  (it stands about 6 inches). 

Matt  has  done full-size cormorants with wings extended.  This miniature is $200, whereas a full-size  carving  would range from $375 (swimming position) to much more, depending upon detail (wings spread, etc.). 

The photo to the right shows a full-size cormorant with its wings spread.  The
photo was taken by the client and does
not show the carving to it fullest advantage
(it is foreshortened from above).  Matt made
the feet from wood also.  A carving of this type would cost $750 

Gulls, Terns and Skimmers

This Laughing Gull is just one of many species of gulls and just one of many black- headed gulls.  This carving sells for $275.  Notice the finely-carved extended wings and
the relief carving on the body.  The shades of gray are very important in distinguishing gull species that are otherwise quite similar.  You can be sure that Matt takes the time to get this right too.

The three gulls represented below are (from left to right) the Herring Gull ($200); the Glaucous
Gull, a special order for a European client, ($250) and the Ring-Billed Gull ($175).   All have raised carved wings.  All are life-size.  Those on the ends are early carvings - expect better ones should you order either of these species.
Related to gulls, but usually smaller and finer in appearance, are the terns.  Except for bill and leg color, most terns look alike to most  people. Matt  can  capture the subtleties of each species to the satisfaction of the most discerning birder. 

This Roseate Tern is a very  delicate carving which  is worth every cent of  $300. 

The abstract carving here is of a generic tern. It's antiqued and placed on a metal stand.  This type of carving (like those in 
the "Ebony" collection) has a special place in  certain  kinds of  homes.   Matt can carve a  bird  to  fit the decor of your home. If you decide he didn't get it right you needn't keep it.  Call or email Matt (see bottom of this page) to discuss your personal concept for 
your home.  To see other abstracts click on ABSTRACTS.  $150
The Black Skimmer is related to the gulls and terns.  The bill you see here is correct! 
The elongated lower portion is used to skim
the water as the bird flies - a feeding behavior.  Notice the tiny chick near the adult's breast.  This is included in this $300 carving.   Because of  the darkness of  the plumage you may not notice that the feathers are carved in relief. 

"I received the skimmer today.  Wow!  It looks great.  I can't tell you how pleased I am.  I will definitely commission you in the future ..."

Although similar to the one above, the Black Skimmer carving to the left has  a  few  hardly  noticeable  subtle  touches that made a good carving into a fine sculpture.  Matt is constantly improving in this way.  In fact, any carving you order will likely be better than those in the photos.   This skimmer is $350, as is the latest one below.
 The CORMONS signature on each carving or sculpture

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