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Following are ducks which are less detailed than the ones shown on the first 2 duck pages,
hence less expensive.  These approach the category of  decoys, but many are still finer than
the usual decoy.   If you've missed the first duck page, click here (DUCK PAGE 1).
The four photos to the right and below
show different styles of  Bufflehead carvings.  The one immediately below is a very rustic carving that can be done for as little as $50.  The one below that is less rustic at $85.  The carving to the right is $125.


The pair above is more polished than those to the left.   They and the one above are $125 each.  For a pair of the same species, figure on $225.  If you want very fine quality Bufflehead carvings, Matt can do them too (discuss price with him).

The Goldeneye is closely related to the Bufflehead This pair shows the striking 
difference between the male and female.  These are of a higher quality than the Buffleheads shown above.  Separately 
they are $175 each, the pair is $300

The Mallard below has literally been hit with duck shot!  You can see the damage on its back.  A bit extreme perhaps, but the client was very happy with it.

The shoveler shown below is a working decoy, one of a set made for a client from the Midwest.  It sells for $125.  The shiny appearance is from a few coats of polyurethane, but will dull with use.  The client's wife made it very clear to him that they were too nice to put into the water and shoot over!

There are two species of Scaup, the Greater (with a purplish head) and the Lesser (greenish head).  They are also called Bluebills.  This carving is quite basic and sells for $125.  Unfortunately a beautiful carving of this species that sold for $250 was never photographed.

The two scaup below are a pair.  The female is on the left.


There are many species of Mergansers,
fish-eating, diving ducks with pointed, rounded bills, unlike a typical duck.   The species shown to the right and below it is
the Hooded Merganser (male above, 
female below).   These decoy-style 
carvings cost $150 each ($275 for the
pair).  For a stylized carving of a Hooded Merganser see the photo below.

Matt's first carving, a Redhead, is shown
to the right.  It's carved in a true decoy style.  Of course Matt can do much better now.  A carving like the one shown is $175.  If you'd like one with a bit more style expect to pay more.

This is a Labrador Duck made to look old, as though it had been carved during the late 19th century, before it became extinct.  This piece has a lot of relief carving and costs $300, but a smooth version can be done for $175. 

Not many people own a Labrador Duck - new or old! 

The Old Squaws in the photos below are more rustic than the one shown on the first duck page on this web site. They are $150 each.  Notice that although similar, they are not really the same.  Matt does not copy what he's done before, but tries to improve with each carving (and does).  You can be sure that any carving you get will be at least as good as any you see here in a particular price range.

If you don't see the duck you'd like on these pages, Matt can still do it for you.  Just tell him what you want and how much you want to spend.  Remember, finer quality costs more.  Matt can carve you a masterpiece if that's what you want.

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