This is one of three pages devoted entirely to ducks.  The ducks shown on these pages are
carved in very different styles, from very primitive to quite polished.  Prices vary from $50 to
$600, depending upon the amount of work involved.  Some are easy to paint, whereas some
take longer to paint than to carve - especially if the carving is at all intricate.  As with all
carvings, Matt can probably do one in your price range, but once someone sees a museum-
quality piece one might not want a less-expensive one.  Some people, however, prefer the
primitive style.  Look at the photos below, and on the following duck page, to see what
pleases you. This page has the finer, more-expensive styles, as does the next page.  For less-expensive styles click here for DUCK PAGE 3 .

With its long tail, neck and bill, the
male Pintail is one of the most striking 
of ducks.  This carving is actually somewhat  exaggerated.  Matt chose to lengthen certain  features to  make it  fit the Modigliani-like elegance which Matt and many of his clients agree this duck expresses.  The price for a carving of  this quality and those below is $600.
This pintail was also done 
in the exaggerated "Modigliani" style, as requested by the client
after seeing the photo above. 

Below is shown a top view of 
the same carving, and below that two other high quality Pintail carvings, including a frontal view.

The pair of Pintails shown to the 
right are less intricate than the one above.  Whereas the back feathers are carved out 
in relief  in the above carving, these are painted on.  Also, you'll notice that the elongation manifested in the above carving
is absent here. 

This  pair is $450.

The Shoveler is another colorful duck and is related to the pintail.  In  both sexes the bill is as wide as the head; otherwise the female looks very much like the female pin- tail.   The male is very distinctive with  its greenish head, chestnut sides,  long back feathers (like the pintail) and blue and green patches in the wings.  This carving is very similar in style to the pintail at the top of the page.  Its price is $475. 

"Top notch. I have another 1/2 dozen from 4 other carvers of all varieties. Your Shovelers are by far my favorite. They will be handed down to Sons and Grandsons."
The top view of a drake Shoveler
shows the beautiful pattern not seen in
the above photo.  This electronic image
does not do justice to the fine painting in
this carving (the zig-zag white feathers pointing toward the tail are act actually straight). 

You can also see in this photo that 
the bill is indeed as wide as the head!

The male Wood Duck (shown below) is considered by many to be the most beautiful of our ducks.
The crested iridescent head, with its white pattern; the red, black and white bill; the yellowish sides outlined with black and white feathers; the purple-brown breast with its delicate pattern of white
markings; and the iridescent back are all captured by Matt's brush to create a realistic carving of
this "unreal" bird.

The carvings to the right are carved with little body detail, but are painted very well. The male alone is $250, the female $175.

A discount is given when a pair of any species is ordered). 

Below are shown carvings with greater detail (raised wings and carved feathers).  A male of this quality would cost $375 for the full-size carving (call Matt about the miniature).

" ... I must commend your talent ... definitely captures the character of the wood duck...."
The female Wood Duck (seen with males in 
the photos above and to the right), while not
as stunning as the male, is quite beautiful in her own right.  Some clients prefer the more-subtle female. 

If you don't see exactly what you want on any of these pages, it doesn't mean Matt can't do it for you.  For any birds you've seen anywhere, in your travels, books, magazines, television, etc. - the chances are excellent that Matt can carve your bird to your satisfaction.

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