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The Black Duck is actually dark brown, but looks black from a distance.  It's one of the tipping ducks, hence holds its wings high over the back.  The male and female differ slightly in bill color.  A carving like this would be $225, but could be done for less with a few changes (such as having the wings hug the body).  A young couple, he from Italy, she from Sweden  purchased a pair of black ducks, of which this was one. 

The Canvasback, with its unique sloping 
profile is a favorite with the hunters among  Matt's clientele.  It has deep red eyes in a reddish-brown head which sits atop a black breast.  The body  is  white, ending in black
tail and wing tips .  This carving is only $275, inexpensive if you agree how well the species
is captured here. People who really can't  see the difference between Matt's work and others' should consider the less expensive choice.

The female Canvasback to the right
was a special request.  The client wanted
feet (Matt made the ones shown) and the duck tilted forward with the head looking
to the side.  Every request is considered, 
and Matt has  honored  almost all so far.  The exception was a pelican diving  into 
the water which the client had seen done
in bronze.  Matt could have done it, but 
not for what the client was willing to pay.   Of a bronze and a wooden sculpture, alike
in every other way, the wooden sculpture would be the more costly.  One reason is 
that the bronze is begun as a clay model which is much easier to rework than wood. 
Another reason is that a bronze can be duplicated many times for a very profitable numbered series, whereas a wooden carving is done once and that's it.  Also, a bronze is not usually painted. 

The price for this special order was $425 (with cast feet, if available, it would be $375).

The Pochard, is a European species.
 It resembles the Canvasback - but also the Redhead (DUCK PAGE 3). 

 It's priced the same as the native Canvasback in the photo above, $275.

One of Matt's Pochards resides in England.

"The decoys you carved are the pride of my collection.  They
look awesome in the water.  I would never consider selling them."

The Oldsquaw (now called the less offensive Long-tailed Duck), like the pintail, has a long tail,  It's a much easier bird to paint, hence it is  less expensive.  One of  the quality shown is $350.  Simpler Oldsquaws (for as low as $150) are shown on DUCK PAGE 3

The Gadwall, though not brightly colored,  has its grays, blacks, browns and whites arranged in subtle patterns that places it among the most beautiful of ducks.  This  carving, with  lots of relief, and difficult painting which properly captures the feeling of  this species is $375. 

The Surf Scoter is one of a few 
different species of scoters. All are 
basically black.  This one is distinguished
by the white markings on  the head. 
This particular carving has an exquisite
head and costs $350.  Less expensive 
ones would not get the attention this one
has gotten with regard to the head detail. 
This carving is in Germany, purchased 
by an avid birder who knew the carving 
was right.
The rounded, tight-winged body of the scoter is typical of the diving ducks, whereas the
tipping ducks have longer bodies and raised wings (see the Pintail, Shoveler and Gadwall,
above).  Many carvers have a stock of bodies, usually all the same, that they will put more or
less appropriate heads on and then paint them to look like a particular species.  There's
nothing wrong with this if that's what you want and don't wish to invest too much into a
carving.  Matt does each carving separately, one at a time and without patterns, very carefully assuring that everything is correct for that species.  This is very time-consuming, but it's the
way Matt likes to do it - and you end up with a one-of-a-kind carving.
The Blue-Winged Teal is a small duck with the very distinctive  facial  crescent shown here . The blue wing is usually hidden, but can be shown if requested.  A carving like this is $275.   Matt's birds are wonderful to hold and feel, as well as to see. 

Imagine the feel of this beautifully crafted wooden carving.

" ... how delighted ... my husband is ... absolutely LOVES it!"

Another teal is the Green-Winged Teal (of which only a hint of the green wing shows here).  This carving is equivalent in quality and price to the Blue-Winged Teal above.

Unreal?  The real King Eider is exactly
like this carving; none of the colors are exaggerated, nor is the shape of the head.  This is a diver of the north seen by most birders only in the winter in southern areas.  To get the head correct takes a lot of 
effort, not only in the painting, but in the carving. 

A King Eider carving is $375.


The Ruddy Duck is a small diver 
that once seen is never forgotten.  This
is a male in breeding plumage.  The 
price is $275. None of  the colors are exaggerated, including the striking bill. 
In winter plumage it  looks like a  different  duck, but  the chunky body
and big head give it away.  Below are four carvings of Ruddys in winter.  Note that no two are alike, since each  is done  from a completely new aspect each time (no patterns).

These winter Ruddys range from $175 for the smooth one at the lower center, to $250 for the others.  You can choose the aspects you like most from each, to come up with another unique carving just for
you - or you can suggest something you've seen in a photo or artist's (not a carver) rendition.

This is a smooth carving of a duck not many know, the Harlequin.  Getting the head shape, pattern and colors just right
are what make this such a nice carving. 
$225 is an excellent price for a carving 
that says HARLEQUIN as well as this
one does.  If  any carving Matt does for
you does not, in your opinion, capture the  feeling  of  the  species  depicted,  just send
it back.   Of course Matt expects you to 
be just as demanding with other carvers.

"The carving is just beautiful! It is everything and more than I expected."

The Labrador Duck is a species that's
been extinct since 1875.  There aren't many carvings of them around, but three are shown here.  They're related to scoters and eiders, 
with qualities of both. 

The  bill had  leathery lateral  extensions 
which Matt is sure to include in his carvings
to make them authentic.  Notice how nicely 
the one in the lower photo floats.  Matt had placed it in the water in a wildlife refuge
where birders frequenting the area would see
it.  It would have caused quite a stir had there been some knowledgeable birders around that day! 

Matt will carve a very nice Labrador Duck for you, with feathers in relief on the back and wings, for $325. 





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