Herons and Egrets
Great Blue Heron

"The blue heron is truly a work of art that cannot
    be adequately described, but must be experienced."
(Comment made by the owner of one of Matt's heron carvings - for  unsolicited, honest
opinions of Matt's work please be sure to click on CLIENTS' COMMENTS)

Egrets are herons that happen to be white, though not always!  Nor are all white herons called egrets!  To confuse matters further, not all egrets have the white aigrettes, the fancy feathers on their backs when in breeding plumage.  Below are a few of the herons Matt has carved.  Some are more detailed than others, some have specially-made legs while some are on posts, and some are large (up to 4 feet high in the great blue heron), others less than life-size.  You have many options
to choose from!

The poses shown here are popular, but may not be what you particularly want; in fact you can help design your own bird.

Prices currently run from $250.00 to $2,500 (for a museum quality, full-size great blue heron with carved legs).  Shipping will be added to the cost.  Many people opt to pick up the larger pieces themselves or make other arrangements.
The Great Egret (formerly known as the American Egret and Common Egret)
is almost as large as the Great Blue Heron (below).  It's much easier to  paint  than 
the  latter, hence is less expensive. 

A carving of the quality shown in the photo to to the left  is $1,250, about half of  what
a superb Great Blue Heron costs.  Below
are two carvings (a Great Egret and an African Black Heron) with posts instead 
of legs, for $900 each.  Examine the photos to understand the difference in price.  You have the option of  how you  would  like 
the legs  positioned.  Most clients prefer 
them as shown in the photos, but both legs can be on the driftwood - or any other reasonable position.  Discuss what you'd 
like with Matt to get just what you want. 

Compare this photo with that of a different Great Egret carving, near 
the top of the HOME PAGE.

          "I have several (herons) ... but this is one of the best ones I have ever seen."

The Great Blue Heron is as fancy as Matt gets (thus far).  The fine feathers on the back and neck are fashioned from home -grown bamboo. 

 $2,500 may seem like a lot of money, but not if you compare
his interpretation and price with other carvers' interpretations.
 And not a lot if you consider the weeks of very painstaking 
work required to create a fine museum quality sculpture.  In 
fact, many flat work paintings of herons are priced much higher than Matt's equally well- painted three-dimensional works

Try to imagine handling a delicately carved sculpture like this
in order to paint it the many colors you see, and to blend them together for the soft effect Matt achieves so well (with conventional brushes, not air brushes!).  That's where the
time, hence the expense comes in. 


Shown below are two of Matt's Great Blue Herons in the actual homes of the clients (who were nice enough to provide the photos).

Like paintings, carvings can be placed just about anywhere in a room to create many different effects,
as these photos below show. For this reason Matt gets a variety of suggestions with regard to species (for shape, color and size), position (looking right, left of straight ahead or  behind, necks extended or not, legs up or down, leaning forward or upright, etc.)

The heron carving to the left can be seen in the above photo, in the corner of the room, behind the sofa. 

"We are truly enjoying your art and love how it enhances or home."

Matt can accommodate all or most of your requests to assure
  that you get the carving that best suits your home's qualities.

              The owners of the heron above chose an elevated position with a backdrop of vines.

             "I've looked around since I saw a carving of your great blue heron. Many
                         cost much more,  but none come close to yours in quality."

      Matt working on a miniature heron (circa 1990)

Miniatures, such as the Great Blue Heron  Matt is working on in the photo above, are also done upon request.  A finely carved miniature can be quite expensive, though 
price varies with detail. 
The Great White Heron in the photo to the right shows what Matt can do with necks (it's made from  one piece of wood).  Matt is not quite sure how he 
achieved that, but is ready to try again!


The Snowy Egret is a small heron.  The
one shown above is a photo sent to Matt
by a client.  This is the simplest of the
heron carving styles and sells for $250.00. 
Notice that it has an antiqued finish, 
another option Matt offers. 

The Black-Crowned Night Heron
right, is a husky, short-necked species. 
The carving shown is more detailed than
the previous three and costs $600 (with a post).  Carved legs, fashioned to realistically grasp the driftwood it's sitting on would add $250. The lack of fine feathering (except for
a few on the head which lie over the "cape"), the lack of a long twisting neck, and the simpler painting, are the main reasons for
the price differences between this carving 
and the Great Blue Heron (above). 

The Little Blue Heron carvings above 
are not especially detailed, therefore are not very expensive at $275.  If fitted with legs of wood, the price would be much higher.  Relief carving would also add to the price.  You can have as much or as little detail as you like; the price would be adjusted accordingly. 

Be sure to see the abstract Little Blue Heron carving, at the bottom of this page.

  Ordering is done one on one, 
so that Matt and the client can communicate fully about exactly
what is wanted.

Reach Matt at: E-mail


  Address:  Matt Cormons
                       26201 Dennis Rd.
                          Parksley, VA 23421

The Snowy Egret above is a bit fancier. 
One like it would cost $300.  If you'd like 
one of museum quality, it would cost accordingly more. 


The two Great Blue Herons shown here 
were a special request by a couple who wanted full-size herons carved in relief to attach to a 
large wall in their living room.  These are done 
in select white pine (no knots) and toned by the careful application of a flame, carefully sanded,
then polyurethaned and waxed to bring out both
the contrasting and the more subtle shades of 
the herons' plumage.  The photo below shows 
the right-facing heron in full view; the photo to
the right shows a closer view. 



In both herons the wood grain was 
carefully oriented to accentuate the feather 
patterns on the wings, tail and body, requiring 
each major piece to be made separately. 
 Each piece was then strategically positioned 
to give the maximum depth in what is a very 
limited range in a flat carving.  The sections 
are joined with dowels.  The feathers on the 
head and the fine breast feathers (poorly 
shown in the photo were carefully fashioned 
from flexible bamboo (grown on Matt's farm). 

As the clients said when they saw the 
actual carvings after seeing these photos, the 
pictures don't do them justice.  These photos 
were taken in brilliant sunshine against an old 
shed, the only available background Matt had 
that was large enough to hang them.  Imagine 
them, instead, on your wall in subdued light 
and without the harsh shadows and contrasts 
created by the bright sun. 

For these very original, finely composed and artistically executed heron a single carving would be $950, a pair $1750. 


       "(The) carvings capture the intricate lines of wings and feathers, the sensuous
        curves of the necks and the intensity and alertness of the moment.  We are
        absolutely delighted with the pair of herons ..."  (comment made by the owner of these carvings)
   To the left (full view) and below (a 
   closer view) is the second of the pair, 
   in which the heron is looking to the left. 

One client asked for a Little Blue Heron in a style that was a bit more abstract.  The head feathers
are an example of artistic license.  Mounted on a metal stand this carving will add a touch of elegance in the right home.  The photos below show the same carving from different aspects.  A carving of this quality and originality is $450.

"Watching for Predators" might be an appropriate title for this carving.

 The CORMONS signature on each carving or sculpture

Reach Matt at: E-mail


  Address:  Matt Cormons
                       26201 Dennis Rd.
                          Parksley, VA 23421