Ibises, Flamingos and Spoonbills

 White Ibis (antiqued)


Ibises are long-legged birds with curved bills.  Of the three species shown on this page, only the White Ibis and the dark-colored Glossy Ibis are native to North America.  The bright red Scarlet Ibises a species from Tropical America.

The photo above shows a stylized White Ibis which has been "antiqued", one of the many options you may choose.  It is also carved in relief.  It's price is $375, as is the relief-carved Scarlet Ibis.  The simpler styles shown by the other White Ibis (orange bill) and the Glossy Ibis are priced at $275.

    Matt would love the challenge of carving other ibis species . 
Have you ever considered owning a Sacred Ibis of Egypt?

      " ... the ibis has given me much pleasure, especially over the dreary winter months."


Flamingoes and Spoonbills

The Flamingo shown here is under 8 
inches high, and the Roseate Spoonbill is 
even smaller.  If you are familiar with these
birds you will see that the attitude, shape 
and color are very accurate, no easy task
in a miniature.  This presents a problem 
for a conscientious carver; because a piece 
is small, many people tend to devalue it, yet certain species can actually be more difficult
to carve in miniature and still capture the
species properly.  Before considering a
miniature, consider how many hours or 
days were spent making it, how well it 
captures the bird, how much a skilled 
artist should be paid for his  efforts, and 
how much you like and appreciate it. 
Matt will want  to discuss any  requests 
for miniatures very carefully.  Miniatures
can be, and are, done very cheaply, but
they wouldn't be of very high quality.


 The CORMONS signature on each carving or sculpture

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