This frequently updated page shows the most recently completed pieces.  All carvings on this page, unless otherwise specified, are special orders that have been sold.  Nearly all Matt carves is by special order.  For carvings already made and ready to sell see CARVINGS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.


                          Full-size Raven carved for a raven and crow enthusiast who, after surfing the internet, decided Matt was 
                          the one to carve his birds for him.  The legs and feet were made by Matt, from many strands of taxidermy 
                          wire to assure strength for the rather heavy carving, since store-bought feet would not work as well.  One 
                          of this quality and size would cost $850. 

Pacific Golden Plover (summer plumage)

This carving was done for a client from Hawaii.  At one time the Pacific golden plover was considered the same species as the golden plover that appears along the East Coast of the U.S.  This carving incorporates 3 subtle features that distinguishes it: the obvious extension of white along the sides, and 2 less obvious traits: the 3 visible primaries and the longer thigh.  This is why Matt's carvings are special.  As a scientist and naturalist he cares about such details even though he knows he needn't take the extra time and effort to do what few other carvers are even aware of.  A similar one of this quality would cost $400. 

 This is the same species as the one above, but in winter plumage.  It was done for the same client. 


This life-size passenger pigeon in flight (an extinct species) is among Matt's best work.  The sweeping tail and the detailed wings (carved in detail on both sides) create movement in this animated carving.  A similar carving can be done for $1500

The photos above are of a Black-Necked Stilt..  Although not as accurate as Matt's more-expensive carvings (as its $150 price suggests) it is a good interpretation and more accurate than most carvers can do for a higher price.

The Bumblebees and other carvings below are part of a commission for the Museum of the Adirondacks.  They include insects, amphibians, mammals, birds


Gray Tree Frog

Male and Female Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

                                                  Killdeer                                                                       Brown-headed Cowbird

                                                                                                     Parula Warbler

                                   Kestrel (Sparrow Hawk)                                               Red-breasted Nuthatch
Flying Squirrel (carved as head only, to peep out of nest hole)

Flying Squirrel in flight

            Tree Swallow (carved to be peeping out of hole)                                           Mourning Cloak Butterfly
           Fisher (a large weasel relative) peeping out of a log                    Wood ducklings to be placed at the entrance of a tree hollow
                                                   Big Brown Bat                                            Hawk Owl (upper portion only, to peep out of nest hole)


The following carvings are not part of the Museum of the Adirondacks commission.

The puffin above is not the well-known Atlantic Puffin.  This is the western counterpart, the Horned Puffin, which actually does have little "horns" above the eyes.  This was done as a surprise gift for the wife of the client, a scientist who had seen this species during her research trips.

The Red-Throated, Pacific, and Yellow-Billed Loons below will join the collection of a client who has commissioned 4 species of loons from Matt (a fifth species, the Arctic Loon is nearly identical to the Pacific Loon and does not warrant a separate carving).  The common loon, already completed, can be seen on the loon page  (click on the INDEX PAGE, below).
The Yellow-Billed Loon is the least attractive of the loons.  It is the largest, with a large bill, knobby head and heavy body.  The carving above, while not unrealistic, is actually a bit more refined than the average representative of this quite awkward (in my opinion) species.

Passenger Pigeons



The Red-Eyed Tree Frog (below) is probably the most photographed frog in the world, and with good reason.  It was a matter of time before I would be asked to carve one.  Unfortunately I didn't realize what I was getting into!  I gave a top price with the option of going lower if it proved to be simpler than anticipated.  I wanted to make it animated, with extended legs in an active position.  I ended up with having to carve at least 30 separate pieces to do it, having to use dowels to join each piece of the 2.5 inch carving.  After spending 3 full days on it, I could not refine it as much as I would have liked, not for what I charged.  If you would like a carving like this (or better) contact me directly to discuss price (how much your mechanic make per hour can be used as a guide to what it might cost), although I'm cheaper!

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

                    The Red-Tailed Hawk below was requested by a client who wanted one with spread wings and some detail.

This is a Hawaiian bird called the I'iwi


                                                                                                          Ruddy Turnstone

Least (Little) Tern

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