BLUEFISH - The three bluefish shown here are all slightly different (they are done without patterns).  The one at the top of the page is antiqued, whereas the one to the left is unpainted.  The one on the right has been stained and varnished by the client (he sent the picture to Matt).  Prices for one nearly 2 feet long start at $275 (bare wood) up to $500 if painted realistically.  These are all one sided carvings, meant to be close to a wall.

ABSTRACT FISH - These come in any of many original shapes.  Three (minimum order) are $35 (includes shipping). Matt will try to send a variety of shapes.  These make very nice and economical gifts.  Check the CURRENTLY AVAILABLE page to see what others are available.

The Marlin above is about 5.5 feet long.  The detail is better than this poor photo shows.  The body, including the bill and the center portion of the tail and part of the dorsal fin, is of a single piece of white cedar.  All the extended fins are added.  The color is achieved by selectively burning with a propane torch.  This is a one-sided carving since it is meant to hang on a wall.  This was made for outdoor use and has many coats of polyurethane, but it would be fine for indoor use also.  $500.

KITCHEN FISH - A variety of colored "kitchen" fish, about 9 inches long.  These are $50 for 3 fish (minimum order), plus $5 shipping.  State the colors you would like.  For example, if you choose red you may get any of the red ones (and others) shown above.  These make very welcome hand-made gifts.
FLOUNDERS - The flounders shown above are about 5 feet long.  They can be made into a table, but Matt suggests the client do it to save some money. They can be made larger or much smaller (see below).  The size shown is $350.  Shipping will add to the price because of the size and difficulty of packing.  It is recommended that the client try to pick it up if not too far from Virginia's Eastern Shore.

The flounders shown below are "Kitchen Flounders".  They make great hanging ornaments and can also be used as hot plates for frying pans (they cannot be hurt if used this way, and will develop a beautiful patina from such use.)  These are popular as gifts.  Prices range from $15 for one about 6.5 inches to $75 for one about 2.5 feet.  A minimum order would have to be $45.  All are signed by Matt.

The butterfly fish above is suspended on a wire above a piece of driftwood.  It is about 5 inches long and costs $80 (includes shipping costs).

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