Great Horned Owl

There are many species of owls in north America ranging from the tiny pygmy owl to the huge
great gray owl.  In between are the Saw-whet, Screech, Barn, long-eared, Short-eared, Snowy and Great Horned Owls (plus a few more).

The Great Horned Owl is one of the larger species.  Though very common in North American woodlands, it's heard more often than seen.  Matt has captured the stern visage and no nonsense attitude of this large predator in the full-size carvings shown here.

The following carving, shown in two views, is moderately detailed.  It was commissioned by a client who was not interested in great detail.  He was also satisfied with pegs instead of feet, since he wanted to place it at the top of a stairwell.  One of this quality would cost $500 (carved feet as shown below would be an extra $100)

The following carving (showing the entire owl in front and rear views, detail of feet, a close frontal view and a close side view) is the result of more time and effort and has more detail than the carving above.  It also has carved feet.  A similar carving would cost $850.   Compare quality and price with anything else on the internet.

These feet are carved entirely 
of wood, not epoxy on wire as many carvers do feet.  The nails are made of a harder wood (rock maple) and carefully inserted into the feather-textured toes.  All owls have two toes forward and, not seen, two toes rearward.  In most birds it's three forward and one rearward

 Below is the same owl in its mountain home, looking down at visitors! (see the client's comment below).

                              "The owl arrived this morning and it's all the rage in my company.  It's
  very lifelike and I know will be awesome at the mountain house."

The Barred Owl shown below was done for a client who wanted it to place on a beam above the main room of his rustic summer home.  He also has one of Matt's Pileated Woodpeckers on a rustic tree post support in the same room (see the woodpecker page) and may be getting other carvings in the future.  The Barred Owl is a bit smaller than a Great Horned Owl, but the price is also $500.  This owl was also fitted with a dowel to place into the beam.  Realistic feet, which are quite complicated, would add to the price.


The photos below shows three different arrangement of the same Screech Owl carving.  One of the smaller species, it comes in both red and gray phases (red is shown here).  'The price for one of similar quality is $375.  The photo on the right shows the final place, on an light over the dinner table in Matt's home (a gift for his wife).
Below is a different carving, with a peg instead of feet.  The time saved in not carving the feet prices this carving at $300.

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