Stilts, Avocets, Rails and Gallinules

Although Stilts and Avocets resemble sandpipers and are related, strictly speaking they are not, hence this separate page.  The very long-legged Black-Necked Stilt and the American Avocet are very special birds and Matt does a wonderful job of capturing these species.

The Black-Necked Stilt is unusual, not only for its extremely long legs, but for its thin, elongated body, a characteristic not all carvers capture.  The price for each of the two fine carvings below is $300.   The price of the primitive style in the photos below them is $125 each.

"We rec'd the carving yesterday.... It is very beautiful and better than the website shows!"


The American Avocet to the right is quite detailed, with raised wings and relief carving. 
A special effort was  made to capture what
Matt  feels the bird means to him (and hopefully to his clients).  In this case Matt feels the post
in place of legs is very appropriate.  The cost
of this carving is $350. The very long legs have to be specially made and can be added for an additional $50. 

The Avocet carvings below are more primitive . 

Each is priced at $125. 




With their longish legs and bills the Rails somewhat resemble sandpipers, but they are not closely related to them.   As implied by the common name Marsh Hen (for two of the larger species) they have a chicken-like quality also, which Matt has captured nicely as seen in the photo below.

This is a carving of a Clapper Rail
a common species which frequents the muddy  marshes  of  the  mid-Atlantic coast. 

Its coloration is basically gray-brown with a rusty breast . 

This carving is $350.  Omitting some carving detail would lower the price. 

"It's a beauty, instantly one of my favorite possessions.  I can't imagine a better job."

Gallinules (Moorhens)

Coots, gallinules, moorhens and rails are all in the same family.  The moorhen (formerly known as the common gallinule) has an outstanding orange and yellow bill.  One similar to the style shown here is $275.

 The CORMONS signature on each carving or sculpture

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