Pileated Woodpecker


North American woodpeckers come in many sizes, from the the extinct Ivory-billed Woodpecker (see below) and slightly smaller Pileated Woodpecker (an early, somewhat stylized version shown above and a later, more realistic one below) to the small, well known Downy Woodpecker ($350) see below, this is an amazing group of birds with a great many species.  Matt searches the woods for logs appropriate for each species on which to mount them (when he can find them).

Five species are shown on this page, but Matt can do any of the woodpeckers of North America and the world.  His list of species grows as clients make their special requests.

This rendition of a Pileated Woodpecker
is less striking than the more-stylized one 

The main difference is its shorter neck
which is actually more correct than the artistic interpretation above.  The longer neck in the carving above adds elegance and motion to the carving.   You can have either interpretation
in a carving of any species; just state your preference. $475

Another large woodpecker, the Ivory-billed is possibly extinct.  It resembles the Pileated, but is a
bit larger and has a light-colored
and larger bill, and large white 
patches on its wings.  Matt will do
a very nice one for $500. 



"You are a true inspiration to carvers."

Despite the harsh sunlight, which  is not the 
best way to display most art, you can see the fine posture and attitude of the Pileated
carving.  The photo above of a different
carving, taken on an overcast day, is much 
more pleasing.

The photo below shows the same woodpecker shown at the right, in its new home.  Try to imagine how it would look without the harsh light of the camera flash.

The idea of having a woodpecker on the upright support of a mountain home was independently requested by another client (see below). 

"Your work captures the inner quality ... those subtle aspects that make the species what it is."

The largest of all the woodpeckers is one that may be extinct, the Ivory billed woodpecker of the swamp forests of the southeast.  For one of the fine quality of the pileated, above, the price is $500.  Check the  CURRENTLY AVAILABLE  page to see if this is still available for $400.

The Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, is an endangered species of the Southeastern United States.
Below are shown are carvings of the male (left) and the female (right).  The female lacks the small red patch behind the eye.  The center photo shows the two together as set up on a rustic supporting post of the client's vacation mountain home.

              Following are additional species of woodpeckers.  Any one is $350

          Downy Woodpecker                               Red-headed Woodpecker                      Yellow-shafted Flicker


Gambol's Quail (below) has a restricted range in California.  The ones shown are done in a folksy style and are very reasonably priced at $85.

The chicks in this photo were painstakingly and authentically painted to distinguish them from the very similar chicks of the closely related California quail.  Unfortunately, after the pains Matt took to do them correctly, the client proudly sent Matt a photo with the chicks repainted (all wrong, of course) - an insult to Matt who really knows a few things.  Chicks add to the price.


The Bob-White Quail shown below is also done in a folksy style.  Like the Gambol's quail above it is $85.  A finer style can be made for a higher cost for anyone who wants a more-realistic quail carving.


 The CORMONS signature on each carving or sculpture

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