Exotic and Extinct Species

Not many carvers would tackle exotic and extinct species and do a credible job; Matt would and does.  Only four species are shown here, two of them special requests.  If you are from a continent other than North America, and recall a certain bird fondly, let Matt give life to your memory.  Or if you like a certain bird you've seen at the zoo or traveling, even on television or in a publication, let Matt make it for you.  Remember, Matt guarantees you'll love it, or you can't keep it.
This is the Labrador Duck, extinct since 1875.  It was also called the Pied Duck, Skunk Duck and Shoal Duck.  Related to scoters and eiders, it shares characteristics with both.  The bill had leathery flanges, which Matt depicts in his carvings.  One of this quality is $275.   A smooth carving can be made for less.

The two carvings below show the extinct Passenger Pigeon.  It was so abundant in the 1800s that a
flock of billions of birds would darken the sky for hours at a time as it traveled from one feeding ground to another.  The last bird died in captivity in 1914.  A full-size three-dimensional representation of this elegant bird can be yours for as little as $175.

"You don't see things like that anymore.  This is excellent craftsmanship."

If you know the Redhead Duck and the Canvasback, you'll see why this Pochard looks like a hybrid of the two species

Anyone traveling and birding in Europe
will almost certainly see this species.  It is $275.  A smooth carving would be less. 


This is an amazing bird.  The Pratincole resembles a chunky swallow in shape, 
including the slightly-hooked sharp bill (obscured in this client's photo), forked tail 
and pointed wings.  But it's a plover!  It's a Eurasian species that Matt was asked to do 
by a well traveled birder.  Matt will do one 
for $300, which will include relief carving
and superb painting. 

The Redshank, a sandpiper of the Old World, is closely related to the Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs.  It and other shorebirds sometime lose their ways and show up on the Coasts of the New World. 

The owner of this carving, an avid birder,  had seen a Redshank and commissioned this carving to keep the memory alive over the years. 

One of this quality would be $275.

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