Doves, Crows, Ravens and Jays
                                          One of Matt's ravens in its adopted home (in Alaska) 


The pair of carvings to the right are un

painted Mourning Doves.  People who have seen them in the unpainted state have actually ordered them like that ($125 each).  Matt also paints them pure white (antiqued or not) and pure black for the same price. 

Authentically painted as shown in the two photos below would be $225.  A more detailed carving would cost more. 

Notice that they are each different, since Matt never copies himself, but does each bird with a new outlook.


The mournig dove below is painted black, for an entirely different effect. $125


"The carving is just beautiful! It is everything and more than I expected."

The photo above shows the carving as it
was mounted on a wall plaque.  The photo
to the right shows a closer side view.

The bluish tone in the nearly black wings is 
an unfortunate artifact of the film (the small
photo showing it on the wall is the actual color).

The White- Winged Dove (below) is a
dove of the southwest.  Although it's body 
is a bit larger and heavier than that of the Mourning Dove, its tail is shorter. 

      At home on the owner's wall. 

A carving of a dove in flight means the addition of two rather detailed wings (both the top- and undersides).  This adds a lot more time in both the carving and the painting.

A dove in flight such as this would be $450
at this time.

The Passenger Pigeon shown below is an extinct species.  About as large as a common "park" pigeon,
it was much more graceful and much more common. Billions would darken the sky for hours as they passed overhead.  They were easily shot by market gunners to the point where the large flocks required for reproduction became too small. The last bird died in captivity in 1914, when Matt's mother was born (not so long ago!). Matt can carve a smooth one for $250.


Crows, Ravens and Jays

You can get a Crow carving, with all the confident arrogance of the species, for $400 (above, left and below) or a larger Raven carving for $550 (above, right).  You can have an even finer carving, like the Raven below shown in two views.  This carving is two feet long and very impressive when seen "in the wood".  A carving of this quality and size is $650.  If anyone would like an even finer carving, discuss price with Matt.
Crow in "curious" stance

Raven as seen from above

The raven shown in the photo above also appears in its new home in Alaska, at the top of this
page.  The softer tones of indoor lighting show the museum quality of the carving.  In general all
carvings will have a much more pleasing quality indoors, as opposed to outdoors in a glaring sun (where virtually all the photos on this web site were taken).  The angle at which a carving is presented also changes its aspect (as you will see when you compare the two photos).

Below is the result of a special request for a raven in an aggressive posture.  It is shown from different angles for a complete view.  Because of the difficulty of adding the wings, one like this would be $850.  It measures nearly 2' in length.
Notice the wing position, the stance, and  the feathers of the throat ("beard"),  all of which indicate this bird's aggressive attitude.  The addition of a tongue adds realism and character to the carving.

                                    "...thank you so much for another  'Matt treasure.' "

Above is a simple, but nicely captured rustic raven for $175

             An entire group of inexpensive crows (below) for $125 each (notice the different poses
             and some with open bills).  Ravens, which are larger, would cost $175 in a similar style.

Below are two rustic crows, the one on the left mounted on a metal post and heavy metal base (add $10).


The two Blue Jay carvings shown below are done in an abstract style, as requested by the clients
who ordered them.  This style captures the action, attitude and colorful aspect of this well known
species.  Note that though similar they are not identical, since no patterns were used.  Note that they also have a carved wing pattern.

Matt can do any species in this style (too see a cardinal in this style click here).  Price would vary with size and species, but should be in the neighborhood of $275.  You can be sure of a unique expression of Matt's interpretation of the particular bird you choose.

 The CORMONS signature on each carving or sculpture

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