Kingfishers and Puffins



There are many kinds of kingfishers. The species most requested is the Belted Kingfisher and it's usually the female that's requested (or expected) because the male lacks the striking chestnut band on the lower breast.

Six very different carvings are shown here, each beautiful in its own way.  Remember, each of Matt's carvings is done one at a time, without patterns, assuring a unique carving for every client.   The price
is $350, but the last one shown here is $150.

"...captured the spirit and behavior."

This kingfisher carving lacks the time-consuming detail found in
those above, Hence is less than half the price at ($150)


The Horned Puffin  (shown below) of  the Pacific Coast differs from the Atlantic Puffin
(the two photos to the right) mainly in the color
of the bill.   Currently, Matt's  highest quality puffins sell for $475 with carved legs.  Can 
you tell the portrait to the right is actually a 
carving and not a real live puffin?.  Except for
the reflection of the polished wood, Matt's not 
sure he could! 

By the way, the puffins belong to the same group as the extinct Great Auk.  How would 
you like to be the owner of a Great Auk

                                                                                           A view of the back detail
The Horned Puffin on the 
left and the Atlantic Puffin on
the right are shown in frontal views in order to show the bills.  Notice that they are very narrow, an important feature in a correct puffin carving. 

The Puffin's bill is a good example of what to look for
in a carving.   Check out photos of the bird you want before making a purchase of anyone's work to be sure the artist knows his birds and has done his best for you. 

 The CORMONS signature on each carving or sculpture

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