Loons and Grebes

Horned Grebe

The most commonly requested loon is the Common Loon.  The photos below show various carvings, some full-size, some miniature, some realistic and some folksy.  The first two are full-size and realistic.  They are $600, although some with more detail may be as much as $750 or more.  Notice that they are not "clones" since each was done individually, without patterns and at different times.
 A full-size loon measuring about two and a half feet from breast to tip of tail.

           "The loon arrived today.  Unbelievable!  Wonderful! ... I can hear him call."
This loon is about half life-size at about
15 inches from breast to tail tip.  Although the painting is just as difficult as in the full-size loons, the price, $350 reflects 
the size.  There is some detail in the tail
and the some of the rear wing feathers.
 A realistic loon with a body about 10" 
long would be $300. Because of the 
exacting painting a smaller one will not
be much lower in price.  This can be discussed with Matt if you are interested. 

This  carving shows 
a loon looking slightly 
upward, which gives 
it a very different attitude 
than the others on this

When ordering a loon 
decide what attitude 
you'd like and Matt will 
try his best to capture 
what you want. 


     "Your wonderful loon has joined my collection and is by far the most outstanding of all!"

The Common Loon in winter is
a very different bird.  Its beautiful
pattern is reduced to a dull gray 
and white and its eye changes from red to brown (this carving has a 
red eye, which is possible, but not usual - the choice is yours). 

Because the winter loon is so much 
easier to paint, the price is much 
lower - $350. 

This stylized carving of a Common Loon is about a foot long from tail
to breast and is stylized, much like the style used with the "ebony" collection (click ABSTRACTS to see the latter). It's $250, but could be less (as low as $150 if less care were put into what is a very difficult painting - as in the two below).

"You have captured the essence of loon."


The loon in the photo to the left is a
top view of the loon shown above.  The unrestricted form is typical of Matt's 
abstract carvings which include the 
"ebony" collection.

Any species of bird can be stylized, but
be sure to discuss the possible outcome with Matt before he lets his creativity run wild! 


 The two loons above are about $150 each.  The painting is rather abstract, rather than realistic,
which is less time-consuming, hence the lower price.
The quarter gives away the size of this Common Loon.  If you are thinking of a miniature carving of a loon or anything else, it is suggested that you discuss it  with Matt first.  Depending  on what you want, it can be inexpensive or very expensive.

Talk about less care in the painting!  This is how many carvers handle loons.  It works, but it's folk art, not fine art.  Notice the hole in the wood near the front. This also has a folk art price, about $100. 

If folk art is your thing you can do well with Matt.  In case you're wondering, this is a Common Loon.

To the left is the Red-Throated Loon.  This species  has a "snaky" head and 
upturned bill, both nicely captured in
this custom order.  It's life-size, at about
a foot and a half from tail to breast.  The scientific measurement of this species is
27 inches, but that's measured from the 
tip of the tail to the tip of the bill, with
the neck stretched out. Matt can carve 
and paint one like this for $500.

The delightful little life-size carving
to the right depicts a Horned Grebe in summer plumage.  There are other species
of grebes Matt would love to do if asked, such as the Eared, the Pie-Billed and the Western Grebes.  Matt should be able to 
do one of this quality for $250. Notice the detail in the feathering on the head and the relief carving on the back.  Without these 
it would cost less. 

 The CORMONS signature on each carving or sculpture

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