Hawks, Eagles, Osprey

Red-tailed Hawk

Hawks and eagles are particularly difficult to carve, mainly because of their unique heads.  Matt spends more time on the heads of  his hawks than on the bodies.   Painting a hawk
is also very difficult.  Although most hawks are more or less brown, there are subtle differences between them, and Matt makes every effort to capture these differences.  He often paints a bird several times before he's satisfied.

The Peregrine Falcon is the epitome of "hawkdom".  The fastest flyer of all, beautiful, and capable of knocking ducks out of the sky, it's a hawk difficult to capture in all its elegance.  The photos show Matt's only carving of this magnificent raptor.  Unfortunately the sharp point on the bill is difficult to see because of the dark background, but this defining characteristic has been carefully captured in this fine carving.  Also the bright sun belies the carving's appearance as it would be in a home setting.  A life-size carving of a male peregrine standing from foot to top of head at about 17" (which is smaller than the  female) would cost $1,000

       "... falcon arrived today.  It's beautiful and your workmanship is just fabulous....  I can
            recommend your carving abilities to anyone who is looking for first class work."

     The Red-tailed hawk is the most likely hawk seen in trees as one drives through the Northeastern
     part of America.  A full-size carving of the fine quality shown below would be $1000.  The feet
     are pewter casts.


The three photos below are of a single carving of a Cooper's Hawk, one of three long-tailed, short-winged forest hawks found in North America.  The others are the smaller Sharp-Shinned
Hawk and the much larger and regal Goshawk.  The client who commissioned this piece was very familiar with this species since they nested on his property and he had many photos.  Matt had to
use the photos to be sure he carved what the client saw, not what other artists interpreted (one critic
said the hawk was too fat, alluding to the "heaviness" around the legs - Matt would have slimmed it
down a bit, but that was what was in the photo).  The result is a very accurate and original carving
which a good birder will readily recognize.  A carving of this quality is currently $850.

 "Love the (Cooper's hawk).  It's so real we are afraid to put it near the window."

The Bald Eagle to the right is actually a miniature carving.  It was a special request.  Compare the attitude, detail and price with
any other carvers' efforts and you'll see how reasonable it is at $600.  Larger eagles will 
be priced accordingly. 

The bird alone is about 5 inches high, 
which you can see relative to the adult hand holding the base of the carving.  The base, devised by Matt, is actually simulated 


 The carving below is currently available.

This Bald Eagle family with a begging chick 
is also a miniature (the adult eagle stands 5" tall).

Matt also made the feet, using wire and epoxy and formed to fit the branch. 

Unfortunately the washed out photo shows the head detail very poorly, but it's at least as fine
as the miniature above. 

The background doesn't come with the carving (unless you want to buy Matt's farm).

The cost of this piece is $750 

The eagle below is about three quarters actual size.  At this time a carving like this would be $1200.

The Osprey, also known as the Fish Hawk is common in Matt's area.  The carving below (on the left), as you can see by the fingers in the photo, is about 2 inches high!

The client wanted one just an inch high!  Matt wasn't sure it was possible to do and still get the precise detail seen here; note the long, sharp hook at the end  of the beak, and the crest.  The carved feather pattern in the wings and tail don't show up in this photo.  Luckily the client didn't require feet!  He mounted it as shown in the photo on the right, over the excellent nest he painstakingly built himself.

 A carving of this quality is $250.  Matt will carve a full-size osprey too - call for a price (a standing bird would be somewhere in the $1000 range.  Below are photos sent by the client showing the same carving as above, after the client had built the excellent nest shown here.

The CORMONS signature on each carving or sculpture

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