Each carving is done without patterns and one
at a time just for you, so no two are alike.

Here's your chance to have something really different - your own specially carved cat, just for you, or for a valued friend who adores these amazing animals - and it will be a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is very affordable and will increase in value over the years.

                 POKEY                              SIAM SAM                            TIGER                               BIG RED
        (a popular pattern)                                                 (with sleepy eyes, tongue out)   (bumble bee on nose!)
     "Unpainted"                   DAFFODIL                  LITTLE RED                    BIG RED
    (can be anything!)           (made to match one's cat)         (with Dad's problem!)                     (full view)

CHOOSE THE OPTIONS YOU LIKE!  Matt can do a folksy cat (see photos above) or a more polished carving, as in the Siamese Cat at the top of this page.  Prices start at $200 (that includes miniatures) and can go as high as a very fine work of art requires.  View the sample photos and decide what styles you like.  Some options include:

Pattern (striped, patchy, solid, etc.)

Colors (varied)

Size (miniature, oversized, etc.)

Shape (fat, skinny, top heavy, bottom heavy, etc.)

Tail (fat, thin, long, short, straight up, curled around body, off to one side, etc.)

Eyes (carved, glass, round or elliptical, crossed, closed, one open, sleepy, looking up or down, left or right, pirate's patch, different colors, etc.)

Expression (peaceful, angry, sad, confused, etc.).

Also, breed characteristics can be done if you provide the necessary information, and if you have your own ideas Matt will be able to work with them too.

If you would like a carving of the favorite cat in your life, or a special friend's, Matt can accommodate you.   Just provide good photos (front, sides back bottom top, head, etc.).  A folksy approximation, roughly painted to look like the cat you have in mind will start at $225.  The more exact you want it, the higher the price.  Matt will approximate the shape of your cat (fat or thin) at no extra cost, but if  you want it larger than the 14 to 16 inches in height, there will be an extra charge.  Any major special features would also be extra.

Whatever the price, you must feel you got your money's worth or just send it back insured and in mint condition for a full refund, minus Matt's shipping and insurance charges (if it is a very unusual order Matt can't sell easily, he might not be able to accept it back).  Fair enough?

By the way, have you looked at and priced other cat carvings?  You owe it to yourself to do so.

To place an order or to ask any questions, you can reach Matt at:


   Phone: 757-665-4698

  Address:  Matt Cormons
                       26201 Dennis Rd.
                          Parksley, VA 23421


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