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By now you probably have looked at the sections of this web site that are of interest to you.  You
may have seen one or more carvings that you would like to have for yourself or a friend.

The next step is to think about what you want with regard to size, detail, style, cost, etc.  You may
ask for one similar in style and price to one shown on the web page, or you may custom order a
piece designed just for you.

In some situations, such as when he attempts something unusual, Matt will reserve giving a client a definite price until after he completes the carving or sculpture (but may give a range).  Sometimes
much more time and effort go into a piece than expected.  If the price turns out  to be inordinately
higher than discussed, you would be under no obligation to accept the piece (other than if the piece
is so specialized that it could not be easily sold to someone else).

After you decide on a piece, telephone or e-mail Matt (see below) to discuss it.  He may have some
ideas and options for you to think about to assure that you get just what you want.

Matt will ask you to make a down payment of half the cost of the carving(s) and to pay the balance by check or money order before he sends you your carving or sculpture.  Remember, there is no risk to you - if a carving does not live up to what was discussed, you may return it by any method pre-approved by Matt, and in original condition, for a refund minus 10% (or less) of the purchase price (to pay for the time packing and carting it to the shipper), and shipping and insurance costs each way. However, if a piece is made at your request and is so specialized or costly that it would be difficult  to sell to anyone else, Matt will not accept its return and not refund your payment.

Certain large pieces, such as the larger herons or swans, may not be shippable (even Mailboxes etc. had not been successful in the past).  Clients usually pick them up themselves or make other arrangements which Matt would be happy to discuss with you.

Shipping costs will vary, but figure on $25.00 (more or less depending on distance) for an average package that weighs about five pounds.  This includes packing (which can be very time consuming), delivery to the carrier, shipping and insurance costs.

All Matt's creations, including three-dimensional models or replicas in any size, drawings, photos of his work (whether on this site, elsewhere, or taken by anyone else), and the like, are copyrighted. 
None may be reproduced in any way without his permission, or be sold or profited by in any way, without prior mutually agreed upon royalties to Matt or his heirs. 

The original creation or authorized (by Matt or his heirs) replicas, drawings, photos, etc. may be resold by the owner as any other work of art may be, but with the above restrictions for as long as the copyright remains in effect as per copyright law.

You may have questions not covered here; simply call, write or e-mail Matt with them.

Reach Matt at:  E-mail


  Address:  Matt Cormons
                       26201 Dennis Rd.
                          Parksley, VA 23421

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