Fine Bird Carvings and Sculptures

              Great Horned Owl
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             Great Egret 

Are you a birder, sports person, naturalist, artist, collector or investor in fine wildlife art? 

Welcome to the site where you will find some of the finest hand carved and hand painted bird art to be found anywhere.

Why consider a Cormons carving? Aside
from affordability, Matt's discerning clientele wants bird carvings and sculptures that are
authentic, yet uniquely interpreted. 

From concept to finished creation, each carving and sculpture is truly one of a kind, carved one at a time, without patterns.

As an artist who knows birds, Matt is able to capture each bird's individuality, as well as the character of each species. In addition, his finer (and costlier) sculptures are of museum quality. 

It's no wonder his work is sought after by so many knowledgeable collectors. 

         Matt's work is truly unique.


Full-size Tundra Swans currently on loan at the Chincoteague Wildlife
Refuge on Virginia's Eastern Shore.  These carvings are for sale.

Before settling into a  career as an artist, Matt, had spent most of his professional life as a well traveled naturalist, scientific illustrator and teacher.  A trained biologist, he is still actively involved with bird research. The fine carvings you will be viewing on these web pages are the result of  his talent and varied background.  For a more-detailed look at the artist (and his research) click on ABOUT THE ARTIST.

Following are photos and commentary introducing you to the various styles and other aspects of Matt's work.  They are only a small sample of the many species and styles he has done.  If you alerting for a particular bird, click on SPECIES INDEX

     Are you looking for a very original abstract piece to complement 
the decor of  your home?  You might consider something in the style
of the "Ebony" collection.  In these imaginative sculptures no effort 
is made to depict an actual species; they are Matt's interpretation of 
the sleek, streamlined essence of a bird in action.  No two are alike. 
They are not true ebony, but are painted black.

       To view more of the "ebony" collection and other abstracts, 
click on EBONY.

       This carving of a Pintail is representative of Matt's
 more realistic work.  In this piece the body feathers are carved in relief.  The body, including the raised wings, is carved from a  single piece of  wood.  The head, as in
nearly all carvings, is added separately. Those who know
their ducks especially appreciate Matt's work. 

         To view other ducks click on DUCKS.

       An Atlantic Puffin sitting on a guano covered rock may not be
everyone's idea of a centerpiece for the dining room table!  But if 
you want realism and accuracy, you wouldn't want the puffin  mounted
on a piece of  clean driftwood. The guano, incidentally, isn't real! 
       Except when necessary (as in the kingfisher's crest, shown below),
Matt does not detail feathers.  Many people are distracted into believing detailed feathering (one would need a magnifying glass to see such detail 
on an actual feather) is the sign of a fine carving, and miss the real art, 
the ability of the carver to capture the essence of  the species through 
attitude and expression - and to leave out what is unnecessary. Capturing
this essence is difficult and is what Matt specializes in. 
       To see other species of puffins click PUFFINS.

  Matt's carvings can be found in the homes of satisfied clients from Maine
to California, in Hawaii and Alaska, and in many foreign countries.  If you would like to read what his clients' have to say about his work, click on CLIENTS' COMMENTS.
      In this Kingfisher the body feathers are carved
in relief, as in the puffin above, but not otherwise detailed.   However, the crest is necessarily detailed
to show its hairy aspect (difficult to see in this image). The feet of this kingfisher are metal casts of actual feet.  Matt sometimes makes his own feet, but good casts, if available, are usually better and result in substantial savings for the client.  Incidentally, not every carver using cast feet advertises that fact.  The feet of the puffin above, were made by Matt
To see other kingfisher carvings, Click KINGFISHERS

    Some clients request groups of birds, as in these Spotted Sandpipers. The driftwood base is not inappropriate here because unlike the sanderling
(see the top of this page), which typically feeds
on sandy beaches, the  Spotted Sandpiper, a dweller of streams, as well as salt, brackish and freshwater creeks and marshes, may search for
small animals around dead wood by the water. 

   To see other sandpiper carvings click on SANDPIPERS.

     Matt isn't limited to carving living species.  This 
fine carving represents the Passenger Pigeon which had numbered in the billions in the 1800, but which is now extinct!
     Unfortunately the term "pigeon" does a disservice
to this bird because of the connotation it has to the familiar "park" pigeon which is not very popular with most people.  This "pigeon" is more dove-like and graceful than the latter.

      To see other extinct species Matt has done click on EXTINCT SPECIES.

Most of Matt's carvings are done by special request - one  reason
for the large number of species and many styles he has done.

       Folk art is also fair game for Matt.  Some 
people prefer a carving that is more primitive.
This rustic loon, made from a log with a decayed center is an example of  Matt's folk art.  Such 
carvings are much easier to make than the carvings shown above - and they are quite inexpensive. 

    To view other loons, including realistic, click on LOONS.

     Like the abstract "Ebony" collection (above), these carvings are not true to a  particular species. They do very well  at local benefit auctions, getting much more than the selling price.  Because they take a fraction of the time it takes to carve a particular species, they are very reasonably priced.  These can also be painted black, as in the "Ebony" collection. 

      To see some of the latter, click on EBONY SHOREBIRDS

      Matt is not restricted to carving American 
birds.  The Redshank shown here is a European bird that is sometimes found in America. 

     If you have traveled and seen a bird you would like to have a fine carving of, Matt will do it for you and guarantee your satisfaction. 

    Click on EXOTICS to see what other non-native species Matt has done to date. 

     If the smaller birds are your favorite, Matt does them too, as you can see from the delicate Red-breasted Nuthatch to the left. 

     To see chickadees, wrens, bluebirds and other thrushes, cardinals, tanagers, jays, crows and more, click on SONGBIRDS

Do you have an idea  for a bird carving?  Let Matt create it for you.

         Pileated Woodpecker
    for any bird, 
   from anywhere,
    and in any
  of many styles

           Great Blue Heron

Each bird carving is signed with the signature shown to the left.  Many people ask  what "mon"  means.   Someone suggested Models Of Nature", not a bad idea, but if you carefully examine the signature you will see that
it spells "Cormons". 

    *All images on this site are copyrighted and may be
    used only with the direct permission of Matt Cormons.

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